Kangaroo Ground Pony Club History

Our Club Grounds

“KG” pony club was established in 1964, by a few local families with Diana Bassett-Smith as its first DC. Diana is a life member of the club, and each December is our judge of the Fancy Dress at our Christmas Gymkhana. In the early years, the club moved according to where space and sheds were available, In 1988, following a massive effort over many years, the club purchased the land where we are now. The details of club history and the dedicated and enthusiastic families involved in the fundraising, building, and events run by the club are set out in our booklet “The First 40 Years”.

Unlike other clubs, our grounds are our own property. This gives us security, and also a huge responsibility. We have inherited an amazing equestrian facility of 6 arenas, a handy mount ring, cross country course, sheds, and clubhouse. We have also inherited a club that has high standards and an awesome work ethic. Where the work of past committees and families has provided all this for us, we work to maintain and improve, so the club will continue for future generations.

At every rally, there is work to be done – not just setting up, running the rally, and packing up, but all the general work of property maintenance such as unblocking drains, clearing fallen trees and spoutings, checking the septic system. Between rallies, dedicated parents will attend to extra tasks such as arena surfaces, new crosscountry jumps and building maintenance. We all take part in Working Bees held at least twice a year. Every family must attend two Working Bee sessions of 4 hours to be exempt from an annual Working Bee levy.

Kangaroo Ground Adult Riders also ride at our grounds. They hold their rallies on Thursday mornings, and the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month except winter months when it’s the 4th Sunday only. The KGARC rallies run from 9.30 – 1pm. KGARC have priority on these days and the first choice of the arena’s however we can still use the arenas or cross country and handy mount areas if they are not using them. Some of our older show jumps are left out – if you use them, please leave them in good order.

While riding on the grounds you must wear correct helmet and boots. Do not ride alone – ride with another KG member or a friend or parent on foot. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the grounds – as much for their safety as yours! The grounds are not for the public – only for KGPC or KGARC members. Your PCAV insurance now covers you 24/7 when riding anywhere. As you leave, please make sure the gate is locked. If you notice anything out of place or see someone using the grounds you think is not a member of either club, please do contact our DC – it’s a good idea to have their number in your mobile.

Pony Club

Pony Club is an international organisation, represented in more than 20 countries, with an overall membership exceeding 100,000. Originating in Britain as a scheme to encourage young people to learn to ride, it focused on riding instruction and enjoyment.  It has now become the largest association of riders in the world. This network has enabled riders from our club to travel interstate and overseas to compete at Pony club events.  

Over 200 Pony Clubs around Victoria are represented by the Pony Club Association of Victoria Inc. (PCAV). Clubs are divided into one of ten regional Zones. Our Zone is Northern Metropolitan. All Clubs and Zones are autonomous, self-governing and self-supporting. Pony Club Victoria boasts a consistently strong annual membership base of 8,000.

New members are always welcome from the young rider to the adult supporter or budding instructor. Riding members of Pony Club Victoria are 25 years or younger and of any riding ability. Membership of Pony Club Victoria Club includes personal accident and public liability cover.

Clubs are the foundation of PCAV. Our members enjoy the benefits of being part of a Club where new and old friends share their passion for riding and horses. Our Club depends upon the enthusiasm and dedication of adult supporters who administrate and instruct making Pony Club a real family affair! Many lifetime friendships are made in this social environment. Learning is a major focus of the PCAV and is not simply limited to riding skills. Promoting the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty as well as instilling in members the proper care of their animals are major aims of instruction at Pony Club.

Our organisation prides itself on producing not simply good riders but knowledgeable horse people. Efficiency certificates are awarded to riders to acknowledge increasing levels of horse-mastership. Ultimately Pony Club strives to encourage young people to ride and enjoy all manner of approved sports connected with horses and riding, introducing members to a broad range of activities from conventional disciplines of competition to more recreational types of horse activities – the endeavor is to be your best.

Members may also be nominated for Service Awards which acknowledge contributions to the Pony Club movement Best of all Pony Club offers something for all members, a friendly Club environment, instruction in horse-mastership to launch a possible career in the equine industry and sound riding skills for enjoyment of riding pursuits or preparation for competition at the highest levels of the sport.